10 Marketing Tools that Will Help Grow Your Business in 2020

Marketing and technology work together concurrently as they are both constants and everchanging. Businesses are therefore expected to adjust their marketing strategies to keep up with new developments in technology and society. Change is happening all the time.

Digital marketing tools allow technology to keep content current and correct. Using digital marketing tools increase growth of businesses and brand promotions. Here are 10 tools that will help you succeed at achieving those goals. Here at ShiftONE, we use these tools daily, and it always ensures customer satisfaction. 

Marketing Tools For Building and Scheduling

1.  Loomly

Using social media as a tool to reach your target market is an excellent way to reach an audience. Loomly covers all social media platforms to build and schedule posts. 


Here are the top platforms Loomly covers: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business 
  • YouTube 
  • TikTok 
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Unsplash 
  • Giphy 
  • Zapier 

Loomly can help you with post ideas. You will be able to manage all your assets in one place. When posting ads it aids in the process by optimizing post tips.

It is a popular tool as it is user friendly and consistently shows excellent results.


2.  Hubspot

The relationship between you and your customer is of the utmost importance when it comes to marketing.

Hubspot will help you organize, track and build better relationships with your leads and customers. It can help your business grow traffic, convert more visitors and many more features.

If you want to improve your relationship with customers, this is the tool to use! 



Marketing Tools for Market Research & Surveying

3. Tableau

Do you want to access and understand data quickly and easily? Creating surveys is an excellent way to do market research effectively. It’s always important to manage your data for optimal results. 

Surveys will help you understand your audience and see their wants and needs through data collection. 

Tableau is a popular tool because it helps manage data easily, along with many more features. Data can be tough to work with. Tableau makes it easy for anyone to work with numbers and data effectively. 


Marketing Tools for Email Marketing

4. Mailchimp  

Mailchimp helps small businesses reach their goals with the right tools to grow their audiences. Use email marketing to send your customers the following: 

  • Newsletters 
  • Coupons 
  • Promotional materials
  • Landing Pages
  • Information on company sales 

Mailchimp will help you get your business online and help you send targeted messages 

Its user friendly interface comes with many diverse features that will help your business grow. 

Video Marketing Tools

5. Wistia 

Why do you think there are so many videos in this article? Because people like to watch videos more than they like to read. It is essential that your business uses video marketing to reach clients and promote themselves. 

You can make your own ads using Wistia to help you make your content look professional. You can post your videos on social media or host them on YouTube. See more here: Video marketing software for business | Wistia


Marketing Tools For Content Writing

6. Hemmingway

As a writer, it is crucial that you check the quality of your content. Hemingway Editor is a great tool that will make it easier for you to check your content before sending it out to important clients. 



Marketing Tools For Website Analytics

7. Google Analytics 

If you want to understand how your content is reaching people on various sites Google Analytics is a great tool that will help you analyze your data. It is important to consistently update your content and make sure that it’s reaching your desired audience in the way you want it to.


Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate marketing allows other people to sell your products and services. One is usually paid to advertise a product for a certain brand. Easy, popular and effective social media platforms to do so on is Instagram and LinkedIn

8. Instagram

Instagram is a perfect platform for selling products as it is visuals-based. You can advertise your product effectively on Instagram. All you need is a well-taken photograph of your product and strong descriptions. 


9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for selling services. It's a great platform for networking and job-hunting.


Organic Social Media Tools

Organic social media is unpaid tools. Using organic social media has its pros and cons. SproutSocial is the most effective organic social media tool that doesn’t lure you in with a free trial.

10. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is the perfect platform for you if you don’t have money to spend on other tools. It helps you understand your audience by analysing data to see who engages with your website. It’s the all-in-one social media management platform, and it’s completely free! 


How much is it going to cost?

Marketers who have limited experience with content marketing often worry that the cost of creating content is just too expensive for their company. The reality is that marketers often expect to pay way more than creators charge for various content assets. (Content Marketing Costs: What You Need to Know)

 What are we missing?

It’s almost always that the content isn’t focused on creating a permanent change in how people see a situation, the brand, or the world. 

Tamsen Webster, Find the Red Thread.

What should we stop doing?

I wish people asked this question. Marketing continues to be additive. Yet, to be truly creative – and offer something different and worthwhile – we need to deliberately do activities that make the greatest difference.

Michele Linn, Mantis Research 


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